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Considering Adoption? Bruce Law provides adoption law services in Monroe and Wayne Counties. Adoption is the process where you create a legal relationship with a non biological child. Adoption is a big decision with even bigger legal issues.

There are many types of adoption in Michigan. The most common are step parent adoptions where a step parent adopts the child of their spouse and direct placement adoptions where a couple has a non biological child they are looking to adopt. There are also situations where a guardian will seek to adopt the ward in a guardianship adoption.  AN important step in any adoption is the requirement that the biological parents must either consent or have their paternal rights terminated. A skilled adoption attorney is needed to ensure your adoption to successful conclusion. 

Let our firm handle the legal issues while you prepare for your newest addition to your family. Adoption is a process that demands attorneys that really understand the entire process and can guide you through it so that you can focus on the joys to come.