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When a couple gets a divorce in the state of Michigan the assets and debts must be divided. The division can be a 50/50 split, but it does not have to. The court it charged with making an “equitable” division of assets and debts. Equitable usually means a fair distribution based on the circumstances of the parties. An experienced asset division attorney can help the Court to decide what is fair by presenting your case in the best, most favorable light.

One of the decisions the Court has to make is what assets and debts are marital property and what assets and debts are separate property. Marital assets are usually those assets that were accumulated while the parties were married. Property or debt that was acquired prior to the marriage usually will remain separate. There are exceptions to these rules and it is important to consult with an experienced asset division attorney who can guide you through this process.

A Bruce Law asset division lawyer can assist you with valuation issues that relate to marital property, valuation of retirement assets, identifying hidden assets, and helping to minimize tax consequences arising from a divorce. There is no reason to give up everything you have earned in a divorce. We will fight for you to keep what is precious to you. Don’t just let the things you have worked hard for go away through an unbalanced judgment of divorce.

The Bruce Law Firm is experienced and ready to assist you in ensuring a fair settlement of your divorce case.

Whether you are in need of an attorney in the Monroe Michigan or Downriver Michigan areas our law firm is available to meet and consult with you at your convenience.