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DivorceFamily Law

What is a High Asset Divorce?

What is high asset divorce? The term high asset divorce can be a bit misleading. It does not refer to the amount of money that you have in your bank accounts; instead, it refers to having any marital property with a high valuation. A high asset divorce often includes various high net worth assets, including multiple homes, business assets, or multiple types of financial assets.

Understanding divorces and how they are different from other types of divorces will help you make better decisions about your legal rights during this time. You want a divorce settlement that is fair and gets you the property you deserve. A high asset divorce lawyer can be of assistance in these cases.

high asset divorce
Chapter 7Child SupportFamily Law

Can you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on Child Support Arrears?

Child support law is complicated and can be challenging to understand. Many people making child support payments ask themselves when they consider a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy whether or not child support arrears will be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.

No, you cannot file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and eliminate your prior child support obligations. Although a creditor can be stopped from collecting on a debt, you owe a child support creditor will not be affected. Child support payments must continue after a bankruptcy is filed.

hild support and chapter 7 bankruptcy
Estate PlanningReal Estate

Lady Bird Deed Michigan: Uses for Estate Planning

A Michigan Lady Bird Deed is a simple estate planning tool used to pass real property to your heirs upon death. A lady bird deed is a type of deed that allows the Grantor or the person leaving the property to retain a life estate. A Lady Bird Deed avoids probate and passes to your named heirs automatically. Michigan lady bird deeds are also known as an enhanced life estate deeds.

A lady bird deed Michigan is an estate planning tool that has many advantages. An estate planning attorney can be of value in discussing if it can benefit you and your needs.

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Criminal LawDUI DefenseTraffic Ticket

The Michigan Super Drunk Law: What You Need to Know

Have you heard of the Michigan Super Drunk Law? This law is designed to try and curb super drunk driving. The law states that anyone caught with a BAC level or blood alcohol content of 0.17 or higher will be considered "super drunk", leading to an increased penalty. This high bac offense only applies when there has not been a prior offense in the preceding seven years.

Michigan's Super Drunk Law is Michigan's version of a "super drunk law." This new Michigan DUI statute increases the penalties for drivers with blood alcohol content (BAC) reading by over .17%. The Michigan Super Drunk Law went into effect in 2010 and rates as one of the strictest DUI laws in America today.

monroe michigan super drunk law
BankruptcyChapter 13Chapter 7

What is Michigan Debt Relief?

Debt relief is a process of negotiating with creditors to reduce the balance owed on an account. It is also known as debt settlement, and it can be done by attorneys or the debtor themselves. Debtors who can negotiate with their creditors directly may not need any legal help at all. Often debt settlement attorneys are required for complicated debt negotiation.

However, if you have fallen behind in payments or are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy might be your best option for getting out of debt. Bankruptcy attorneys can review your debt relief options. Bruce Law Firm offers a free consultation to review your options.

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DivorceFamily Law

Is Michigan a Community Property State?

Is Michigan a community property state, and how are assets divided in the event of a divorce? Community property is a term used to describe states where marital assets and debts are divided equally. Michigan is not one of those states, and in this state, the Court divides marital property on an unequal basis when necessary. This can result in disparities between what each spouse receives in their divorce case, but it may also be more equitable for some couples than if all the marital assets were divided equally.

is michigan a community property state
DivorceFamily Law

How Much Does It Cost to File for Divorce in Michigan?

Divorce is never an easy process. It's especially difficult to consider how much does it can cost to file for divorce in Michigan. So, what does the average person need to know about how expensive a divorce will be? This blog post from Bruce Law Firm answers that question and more!

The first thing you should know is that there are many different types of divorces. Some of them are much more expensive than others. For example, uncontested divorces typically cost less than contested ones because they don't require as much time or legal work on behalf of your attorney.

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Estate PlanningProbate

Understanding the Monroe County Michigan Probate Court

The Monroe County Michigan Probate Court is a court where cases involving the estates of deceased persons, guardianship, conservatorship, and trusts are heard. These probate courts may also hear adoption cases. The Monroe County Probate Court has jurisdiction over all proceedings in the county related to wills, estates, and trusts.

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BankruptcyChapter 13Chapter 7

How Much Does It Cost To File Bankruptcy in Michigan

It is important to understand the cost of filing Bankruptcy in Michigan when filing for bankruptcy relief. The average bankruptcy cost in Michigan for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy ranges from $900-$2,500 or more depending on your income level and other factors. The average cost for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy ranges from $2,500-$7,500 or more depending on your income level and other factors. Each law office will have different cost variables in determining the overall cost of filing for bankruptcy.

how much does it cost to file bankruptcy in michigan