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Is Michigan a Community Property State?

Is Michigan a community property state, and how are assets divided in the event of a divorce? Community property is a term used to describe states where marital assets and debts are divided equally. Michigan is not one of those states, and in this state, the Court divides marital property on an unequal basis when necessary. This can result in disparities between what each spouse receives in their divorce case, but it may also be more equitable for some couples than if all the marital assets were divided equally.

is michigan a community property state
DivorceFamily Law

How Much Does It Cost to File for Divorce in Michigan?

Divorce is never an easy process. It's especially difficult to consider how much does it can cost to file for divorce in Michigan. So, what does the average person need to know about how expensive a divorce will be? This blog post from Bruce Law Firm answers that question and more!

The first thing you should know is that there are many different types of divorces. Some of them are much more expensive than others. For example, uncontested divorces typically cost less than contested ones because they don't require as much time or legal work on behalf of your attorney.

cost of divorce in michigan
Estate PlanningProbate

Understanding the Monroe County Michigan Probate Court

The Monroe County Michigan Probate Court is a court where cases involving the estates of deceased persons, guardianship, conservatorship, and trusts are heard. These probate courts may also hear adoption cases. The Monroe County Probate Court has jurisdiction over all proceedings in the county related to wills, estates, and trusts.

monroe county michigan probate court
BankruptcyChapter 13Chapter 7

How Much Does It Cost To File Bankruptcy in Michigan

It is important to understand the cost of filing Bankruptcy in Michigan when filing for bankruptcy relief. The average bankruptcy cost in Michigan for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy ranges from $900-$2,500 or more depending on your income level and other factors. The average cost for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy ranges from $2,500-$7,500 or more depending on your income level and other factors. Each law office will have different cost variables in determining the overall cost of filing for bankruptcy.

how much does it cost to file bankruptcy in michigan
DivorceFamily Law

My Spouse Moved Out Can I Change Locks in the Home?

A common question divorce lawyers hear is, "My spouse moved out. Can I change locks in the family home". The short answer is generally no. Suppose the marriage parties have resided together in a residential lease or own and reside together in the marital home. In that case, they both have a legal right to access the property.

Spouse Moved Out Can I Change Locks
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First Offense DUI Michigan. What to Expect?

A First Offense DUI Michigan is a misdemeanor offense. A first offense DUI is punishable by up to 93 days in jail, up to $500 in fines, Michigan drivers license suspension, and the possibility of the requirement of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. Also, the Court often orders hours of community service and alcohol counseling and treatment. Having a Michigan DUI lawyer to represent you is imperative to minimize these criminal dui penalties.

first offense dui michigan
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Holographic Will Michigan. Is a Handwritten Will Valid?

A holographic will is a will that is written in the handwriting of the decedent. It is signed and dated by the person that passed away. It cannot be typed or printed. In a MIchigan holographic will the pertinent parts of the will must be in the handwriting of the decedent. It must also be evident that this writing intended to serve as the lawful will of the person that passed away.

Holographic Will Michigan
Criminal LawTraffic Ticket

Careless Driving Ticket Michigan – Should I fight it?

A careless driving ticket Michigan is a civil infraction. Like all civil infractions it is not a crime and will not affect your criminal record. A careless driving ticket usually carries a fine of $200 and will add three points to your master Michigan driving record.

Like all civil infractions it is not a crime and will not affect your criminal record. You cannot go to jail as a result of a Careless Driving Ticket in Michigan. Reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor and can involve a jail sentence.

careless driving ticket michigan