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How to Avoid Paying Spousal Support

Are you facing a divorce or legal separation and are concerned about how much alimony, also known as spousal support, you must pay? While predicting your case’s exact outcome is impossible, specific steps can be taken during divorce proceedings to minimize or avoid paying spousal support. You need to know if you are going to have to pay alimony.

Palimony in Michigan? Are you entitled to Support?

Palimony in Michigan is a type of alimony or as it is called in Michigan spousal support. Basically Palimony in Michigan is alimony for unmarried cohabitants who have resided together for an extended time. It attempts to maintain the standard of living of the lower income person.

Palimony involves the ongoing, court ordered payments of support. It can be a stream of payments or a lump sum. It is awarded by a judge to a party whose relationship has dissolved. If you are considering a palimony lawsuit a palimony lawyer can be of assistance in reviewing your case. Palimony cases can be very challenging to prove.

Palimony Michigan is the division of finances and property for unmarried cohabitants. Unmarried cohabitants are a romantic couple that lives together. These parties have cohabitated or lived together for an extended time. A family court judge will look at the prior standard of living of the parties and fashion a support award.

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