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How to Avoid Probate in Michigan

When a loved one dies, their estate goes through probate. This is often a time-consuming and challenging process, and it can also be costly. If you want to avoid probate in Michigan, there are things you need to know. We will discuss avoiding probate in Michigan and some of the options available. Contact our law firm today for more information!

After looking at the probate process we will review the top techniques for avoiding probate in Michigan. These techniques include creating a trust, the use of a lady bird deed, Joint ownership of property, and POD or payable on death accounts. All of these methods will allow one to avoid probate.

Understanding the Monroe County Michigan Probate Court

The Monroe County Michigan Probate Court is a court where cases involving the estates of deceased persons, guardianship, conservatorship, and trusts are heard. These probate courts may also hear adoption cases. The Monroe County Probate Court has jurisdiction over all proceedings in the county related to wills, estates, and trusts.

Holographic Will Michigan. Is a Handwritten Will Valid?

A holographic will is a will that is written in the handwriting of the decedent. It is signed and dated by the person that passed away. It cannot be typed or printed. In a MIchigan holographic will the pertinent parts of the will must be in the handwriting of the decedent. It must also be evident that this writing intended to serve as the lawful will of the person that passed away.

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