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A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is often called a liquidation or fresh start bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy starts with the filing of a petition with the Bankruptcy Court. Once the petition is filed the court will assign a trustee to review your case. The court will also schedule a 341 hearing that you will be required to attend. This trustee will review your schedules and ask you questions regarding your case. Approximately 60 days after this 341 hearing the court will grant a Chapter 7 discharge and your case will be concluded.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate most unsecured debt. This includes credit card debt, medical bills, repossession debt and most other unsecured debts. It will not eliminate recent taxes, child support, most student loans and other forms of priority debt. If you are buying a house or car you will want to continue paying on these assets. Most creditors will want you to execute a reaffirmation agreement in regards to your house or car debt. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you usually keep all your property. Michigan provides a generous exemption scheme that allows your attorney to prepare your schedules to ensure you keep personal property. The vast majority of Michigan bankruptcy cases are considered no asset cases because the attorney has exempted all of the debtor’s property.

The Bruce Law Firm is expert at helping put the Bankruptcy Code to work for you. If we feel that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the apprpriate path for you we will set you up with an appointment with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to assist you.

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