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The most important thing in your life is making sure your children are taken care of. In order to do during your divorce or after you need a fair child support agreement that is going to benefit your children and give you the peace of mind that their needs will be taken care of. You need a child support attorney to ensure you receive a fair and appropriate child support order from the Court. The experienced child support lawyer will fight for the best interest of you and your children when it comes to the important decision of support.

If you have custody of a minor child, you are entitled to child support. In Michigan the amount of child support one receives is determined by a formula set up by the state. This formula is part of a state statute that determines how support is to be calculated. You want a child support lawyer knowledgeable about these procedures as every county handles them slightly different.

When the Court follows this formula it takes several factors into account. It looks at the income of both parties and the amount of over nights each party receives over the course of the year. This can be complicated if one party is self employed, owns a business or has undocumented income. Often a party’s income will change over time which will require that the support order be modified or changed.

The Bruce Law Firm is experienced at getting you the child support order you deserve. We are experienced at securing temporary support orders, modifying child support orders, identifying and proving earned income and enforcing existing child support orders. Often parties will move out of state creating unique challenges when dealing with child support issues. Our firm is experienced at working through these challenges.

Whether you are in need of an attorney in the Monroe Michigan or Downriver Detroit Michigan areas we are available to meet and consult with you at your convenience.