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How much is child support in Michigan? What does the Court look at when determining support? How much back child support is a felony in Michigan? There are a lot of issues that need investigated when determining a proper support order.

How Much is Child Support in Michigan

The most important thing in your life is making sure your children are taken care of. During your Michigan divorce or child custody case you need a fair child support agreement that is going to benefit your children and give you the peace of mind that their needs will be taken care of.

You need a child support attorney to ensure you receive a fair and appropriate child support payment. The experienced child support lawyer will fight for the best interest of you and your children when it comes to the important decision of support. Bruce Law Firm has family law and divorce lawyers in Monroe, Michigan to assist you today. We are very familiar with the child support laws and can assist you today.

Michigan Child Support Calculation and the MICHILDSUPPORT Calculator

If you are doing through a divorce or child custody case and have minor children or have custody of a minor child, you are entitled to child support.  Make sure the person paying child support is paying the appropriate amount. In Michigan the amount of child support one receives is determined by the Michigan child support formula set up by the state. This formula is part of a state statute that determines how support is to be calculated.

It will look at both the custodial and non custodial parent and their respective income. It will also factor in what parents pay child care costs and health insurance. It is also relevant whether or not a party receives social security, workers compensation or public assistance from the department of health and human services.  If a party is capable of working and not the Court will often use imputed income.

Michigan Friend of the Court Assistance with Creating a Uniform Support Order

Often the Michigan Friend of the Court will assist the Court and the parties in determining a proper child support calculation. You want a child support lawyer knowledgeable to work for you when dealing with the Friend of the Court.

The Friend of the Court will apply the Michigan child support guidelines in preparing a Uniform Support Order. When the Friend applies this formula it takes several factors into account and investigates each one. It looks at the income of both parties and the amount of over nights each party receives under the current physical custody and parenting time order over the course of the year. This can be complicated if one party is self employed, owns a business with net income or has undocumented income. Often a party’s income will change over time which will require that the support order be modified or changed. The FOC often then prepares a recommendation to the Court as to what the applicable support order should be.


MICHILDSUPPORT child support calculator

Michigan Provides a MICHILDSUPPORT Calculator to help apply the Michigan Child Support Guidelines

The State of Michigan Michigan department of health provides a MICHILDSUPPORT child support calculator that can be used to estimate how much support may be ordered in any given case. In order to use it you need to know how many overnights each part has and what each part makes for income.  There are many other variables you need to know that the calculator will ask. It can be useful to give you a rough idea of what you support should be, but it does not replace the knowledge of an experienced child support attorney.


How much back child support is a felony in Michigan?

Not paying you child support or alimony is a crime. If you unpaid child support exceeds $5000.00 the Attorney General’s Office in Lansing can have youcharged with a felony and issue a warrant for your arrest.  It is imperative that you talk to an attorney to get this matter resolved.  The prosecutor will want a substantial payment to get you released from jail.

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The Bruce Law Firm is experienced at getting you the child support order you deserve. We are experienced at securing temporary support orders, modifying child support orders, identifying and proving earned income and enforcing existing child support orders. Often parties will move out of state creating unique challenges when dealing with child support issues. Our firm is experienced at working through these challenges. There are constant legal updates that a child support lawyer needs to keep current. Bruce Law Firm has expert child support lawyers  available to talk to you today.