Criminal Defense Lawyer in Monroe, MI and Downriver Detroit, Michigan


Bruce Law understand that criminal charges can be a frightening and confusing experience. Our law firm has extensive trial experience and provide aggressive representation at all stages of criminal proceedings. Whether you have a theft crime or need a Michigan DUI lawyer Bruce Law has you covered. We have criminal defense lawyers in Monroe, MI that can assist you today.

From the moment we are retained we begin preparing for trial. As experienced and skilled negotiators we may be able to reach settlements with the prosecution that will allow your case to avoid a trial, after we receive your informed consent in advance. Regardless we stand ready to bring your case to court and zealously defend your rights.

Being detained and handling the criminal justice system without a committed advocate on your side may be overpowering. Since a conviction might have severe consequences, not the least of which can be imprisonment, fines, and a terrible reputation, it’s essential to have aggressive legal representation. Well-versed from the criminal statutes and rules of criminal process, we’re highly known for successfully trying cases in Monroe County and Downriver Detroit. We provide each client knowledge, empathy, and aggressive legal representation. Whenever your liberty is in peril, our legal staff will work tirelessly to safeguard your rights and restore your good name.

Michigan Criminal Charges

Our criminal defense lawyers routinely deal with a wide Selection of country misdemeanor and felony charges, such as:

Michigan Drug Crimes

If you are arrested for possession of a controlled substance or trafficking drugs, you might be charged with a MISDEMEANOR OR FELONY.

Misdemeanor drug charges include possessing small quantities of illegal drugs, possessing drug paraphernalia, and cultivating less than 200 grams of marijuana. Punishments for misdemeanors are relatively mild, and could consist of fines, mandatory drug therapy, driver’s license suspension, and community support. A drug misdemeanor may be punishable by up to twelve months in jail and $1,000 in fines.

Felony drug charges are more serious and can result in substantial prison time. Possessing considerable amounts of medication with the intent to sell, trafficking drugs across state lines, and manufacturing large quantities of illegal drugs are examples of drug felonies. Some misdemeanors are elevated to felonies if guns or children are involved. A conviction may also cause a license suspension of six months.

Michigan Theft Crimes

Taking property that doesn’t belong to you with all the intent to permanently or temporarily deprive the owner of it’s known as theft. We have successfully defended clients against a vast assortment of theft charges like shoplifting, retail fraud, theft, theft of a car, and dealing in stolen property.

Michigan Violent Crimes

Usually, using physical force or a weapon to cause harm, or the threat of harm, to another individual is regarded as a violent offense. Specifically, such offenses include assault, vandalism, domestic violence, kidnapping, sexual assault, weapons crimes, manslaughter, and murder. Because such violent crimes tend to be billed as felonies, convictions may result in over a year of imprisonment, prolonged probation terms, large fines and compulsory rehabilitation or counselling.

Domestic Violence

Acts or threats of violence against a individual with whom the accused has had a close connection — present or former partners, parents, kids, and intimate partners match under the umbrella of national violence. Punishment could include imprisonment, fines, probation, or an elongated stay out order. Our lawyers have extensive expertise suited to craft defense plans for people accused of domestic violence.

Juvenile Crimes

We routinely manage juvenile crimes like drug prices, theft and property offenses, traffic offenses, DUI and other possible offenses. Our trusted criminal lawyers will work to safeguard the rights, future and well-being of your youngster.

Sex Crimes

Sex offenses involve implanting another individual to sexual contact without that individual’s approval or engaging in another kind of sexual misconduct. We protect customers against gender offense charges which range from indecent exposure and child porn to prostitution and sexual battery. Since a conviction may result in a protracted imprisonment,  probation, involuntary civil commitment, and compulsory registration as a sexual offender or sexual predator, so it’s vital to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your corner if you’re charged with this sort of crime.

Traffic Ticket Defense

We are traffic defense lawyers.  We regularly handle all matters of traffic offenses from the typical speeding tickets and impeding traffic offenses to more serious commercial license matters.  We routinely practice in Monroe County, Lenawee County and Wayne County district courts in matters pertaining to traffic cases.

DUI Defense

Since driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is inherently harmful and leads to numerous vehicle crash fatalities every year, Michigan’s DUI laws are rigorously enforced. Actually, you can also face DUI charges for operating a motor vehicle while impaired by over-the-counter or prescription drugs. While good men and women make errors, a DUI conviction can nevertheless result in substantial fines, a permit suspension, and even imprisonment. Whether this is the first crime or you have previous convictions, there are many defenses we could argue against DUI charges.

Gun Crimes

Regardless of Michigan’s traditions of gun ownership, hunting, sportsmanship and firearm advocacy, the nation’s gun laws are rigorously enforced. For many gun-related fees like carrying a concealed firearm without the correct license, improper exhibition of a firearm, or punishment improvements with a firearm in a crime, punishments like imprisonment with possible long prison terms (10-20-Life).

White Collar Crimes

This kind of nonviolent offenses is dedicated via deceit and motivated by monetary gain. White collar crime comprises embezzlement, extortion, forgery, bribery, falsifying company records, insurance fraud, money laundering, credit card fraud, criminal liability, mortgage fraud, and identity theft.

Defending Criminal Charges in Michigan

If you’re under investigation or have been charged with a federal or state offense, call Bruce Law Firm. We have managed cases which range from speeding tickets to home invasions, we all understand the value of the decision you are making when selecting a lawyer. That choice may have life-changing consequences and should not be dismissed.

A conviction can’t just result in imprisonment, fines and reputational injury, but also loss of your right to vote, possess a weapon, or even maintain a professional license. It might also impede job prospects and also make it hard to rent an apartment in the long run. It may impact your ability for federal or state benefits, government help, as well as scholarships or financial assistance for faculty.

Our criminal defense lawyers think that anybody accused of a crime is innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law enforcement and will leverage their private knowledge and litigation abilities to shield you. By conducting a comprehensive evaluation, collecting evidence, identifying and interviewing witnesses, and minding our revered system of private investigators and criminal specialists if necessary, we’ll work to construct a defense.

Unlike many law firms that generally advise customers to rapidly accept plea deals, we’ll explore all your options. We’ll fully explain all your rights, think about all probable defenses, and perform to win an acquittal. While trial is obviously a path our lawyers are happy to take, we realize the probability of loss might not always make this possible. We listen to our customers, so regardless of the route you choose to undertake your situation, we’ll work to make sure your outcome is reasonable and safeguards your future ambitions.