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What is the Monroe County Friend of the Court?

The Monroe County Friend of The Court works to resolve issues involving cases dealing with divorce, spousal support, child custody, child support, and parenting time. The FOC also deals with cases that require enforcement of these areas of Michigan family law. The Monroe FOC serves the 38th Circuit Court and is located in the same building as the Monroe County Courthouse at 106 East First St. Monroe, MI. These offices are open to the public.

What Does the Monroe County FOC Do?

The Circuit Court Judges that primarily serve in the 38th Circuit Court are Judge Mark Braunlich, Judge Frank L Arnold, Judge Michael A. Weipert, Judge Daniel White, and Judge Cheryl E Lohmeyer. These Judges can refer to Monroe, MI family law cases to the Monroe County Friend of the Court for recommendations. Their offices are provided with the recommendations directly by the Friend.

The Monroe County FOC also assists in areas of family law. The Friend can provide basic information and print forms but cannot provide legal advice. The Monroe FOC website has valuable information on the services they provide. The FOC can also print out various reports for the public, such as an accounting of child support paid or received. It operates under standards and guidelines determined by the Michigan Supreme Court.

How does the Monroe Friend of the Court work?

The Monroe Friend of the Court’s job is to make an independent investigation of family law matters. In custody, child support, and parenting time issues, the Friend will talk to both parties, gather relevant documentation, and make a recommendation to the Court.

If a parent fails to meet their obligations after the custody or support proceedings, the Friend of the Court steps in to enforce custody and support orders. These matters are brought before the FOC in the form of a “show cause” motion, and a resolution is attempted.

Monroe Location and Contact Information

Friend of the Court Monroe, MI, serves all of Monroe County, Michigan. The Monroe County Friend of Court is located inside the Monroe County Courthouse. The address is 106 E First Street, Monroe, Michigan 48161. The phone number is 734 240 7180.

What is the Monroe County FOC Holiday Schedule?

The Friend of the Court provides a holiday schedule on its website, often used by the Court and family law attorneys in Monroe County. It can be found under Monroe County FOC Holiday Schedule. The Court will often use this as a default holiday schedule. The parties to an action are free to create their holiday arrangements, but if there is a disagreement, the Judge will often default back to this FOC Holiday Schedule.

This is used as the Monroe County parenting schedule. Other COunties in Michigan follow different schedules. You will want to review those schedules if they apply.

What can a Friend of the Court Lawyer do for me?

An attorney can be beneficial when dealing with the Friend. A FOC referee can make a recommendation that becomes a fully binding court order. A skilled and experienced FOC lawyer knows the timelines that objections are due and the filings that need to be made. It is always best to have a lawyer draft an objection to a friend of the court recommendation if you believe it is inaccurate or inappropriate.

Do I Need to Consult with Monroe Friend of the Court Attorneys?

If you need a family law or divorce lawyer in Monroe, Michigan, consult with an experienced Monroe County Friend of the Court Attorney. Bruce Law Firm practices in the 38th Circuit Court. Our office is located across from the Monroe County courthouse and on the corner of First St and South Monroe St. The address is 53 S Monroe St., Monroe, MI 48161. Reach us at 734 240 2611. You can also email our office.

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