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Are you in need of a Monroe divorce attorney?  The Bruce Law Firm understands that divorce is one of the most traumatic and frightening events a person can live through. We are committed to providing representation that best fits the needs of our clients. When contemplating the serious issues of a divorce you need to consider spousal support, property division, and possible division of debt. If there are minor children there are many additional issues that need to be addressed.  An experienced Monroe divorce lawyer can assist you with child custody, parenting time and child support issues.

Bruce Law is an experienced in family law and divorce. We regularly handle Monroe divorce cases of all types, from cases involving significant assets and complex child custody issues to uncontested divorces where the parties have agreed upon the terms of their divorce.  We also represent clients in Wayne County and other surrounding counties in Michigan.

A divorce in the state of Michigan begins with the filing of a divorce complaint. A divorce without minor children can be completed in as little as sixty days. Those cases with minor children have a six month waiting period before the case can be finalized. Once a complaint is filed the court will hear motions regarding child custody, parenting time, child support, marital property and spousal support. You need a solid divorce attorney to make sure you case is filed properly. 

If the parties cannot reach an agreement there will be a trial where a judge will hear evidence and will decide the property and the issues concerning the minor children and a judgment will be entered. You do not want to go to trial without an experienced divorce attorney.  If the parties reach an agreement the parties will stipulate to a judgment of divorce that will spell out the agreement of the parties.

Contact Bruce Law today to discuss you case. Our firm offers sound divorce advice and representation that can make what can be a difficult and emotional time easier to deal with.

Whether you are in need of an attorney in the Monroe Michigan or Downriver Michigan areas, Bruce Law is available to meet and consult with you at your convenience.
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