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Do you think one of your family members might need a guardianship or a conservatorship?

If an individual is not capable of making basic life decisions or is not capable of handling their personal finances in the state of Michigan they are in need of a guardianship or a conservatorship. A guardian is a person appointed by the probate court to take care of the day to day personal or medical decisions of another person. A conservatorship is a person appointed by the probate court to take care of the day to day finances of another person.

In Michigan a guardianship or a conservatorship is established by the probate court in the county where the incapacitated individual resides. The case is started with the filing of a petition. The court will schedule a hearing on the petition and the party asking that the guardianship or conservatorship will be required to provide the court documentation and possibly testimony as to the need to the guardianship or conservatorship. Once the guardianship or conservatorship is approved the individual appointed will receive letters of authority from the court. Following appointment the named individual will be required to file annual reports to the court to advise it of the status of the ward.

Bruce Law Firm can assist you with the establishment of a guardianship or a conservatorship. We can guide you through the process to establish the guardianship or conservatorship often without the need or expense of a hearing.

Whether you are in need of an attorney in the Monroe Michigan or Downriver Michigan areas our law firm is available to meet and consult with you at your convenience.