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If you are looking for a law firm that can help you with your business-related matters, then look no further. Bruce Law Firm can handle all aspects of the law related to businesses, from forming an LLC or corporation to helping with contracts and employment issues. 

Business law can be very complicated. Our business lawyers have helped countless small businesses grow into profitable enterprises by protecting their interests and resolving any disputes that may arise along the way. Visit our convenient Monroe office location for a free consultation.

How can a business lawyer help business owners?

What is a business lawyer, and how can they help? An attorney who advises businesses on legal matters, including contracts and agreements. They provide advice about handling workplace disputes because they have the experience to understand what employers need to stay compliant with employment laws.

How does an experienced business lawyer help your company?

Having experienced Michigan business lawyers is essential for small businesses. A qualified attorney can help with many aspects of business operations, including:

Business Formation Types in Michigan

There are four primary business organizational structures when deciding business formation. These four include Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, and Sole Proprietorships. These organizations come with benefits that vary depending on the type of company. Our law firm is experienced in corporate law and handling all types of these companies from the start to the termination.

These are the different business entities a company can choose from when starting up. Choosing the right one for your specific needs depends on the kind of work you will be doing. As well as licensing and other factors like taxes or protection for stakeholders.

The following is a brief explanation about these four legal forms:


Corporations: Corporations are legally recognized entity, with the ability to sue or be sued in their name and enter contracts under their power. A corporation is a product of Michigan corporate law. The benefits of incorporation include limited liability for employees and an organized legal structure.

Limited Liability Companies

Limited Liability Companies: A Limited Liability Company (LLC) offers more corporate protections without the extra paperwork and formalities of a corporation required when following business law. It is becoming increasingly popular for small businesses, as it avoids some of the headaches and bureaucracy that come with a corporation.


Partnerships: A partnership is formed when two or more people enter the business as co-owners of a for-profit company. A partnership is similar to a sole proprietorship, but there is more than one owner. Each partner is equally responsible for the debts and obligations of the partnership.

Sole proprietorship

Sole proprietorship: A sole proprietorship is the most basic form of business organization. It is the simplest business law form for a business. A company with this structure can be started without formalities, but some local governments may require a license. Liability rests on the owner of the business entity.

Once a business has been created, an agreement should be drafted to clarify the relationships between shareholders and managers.

These are the most common business organizations that we help. A business law attorney will be happy to answer any questions you may have about these arrangements or others. Discuss your business issues with one of our lawyers.

Contracts and Agreements

A contract is an essential element of doing business. These agreements allow both parties to detail what should be expected and the consequences for not meeting certain expectations. If you want to protect your rights and interests, then a contract may be needed.

We offer a complete service to cover all types of business contracts; including:

  • Sales contracts.
  • Business purchase agreements.
  • Real estate contracts
  • Commercial leases
  • Employment contracts and non-compete agreements
  • Shareholder and partner agreements
  • Other types of business contracts

Buying and Selling a Business in Michigan

When buying an existing company, it’s essential to purchase one that’s related to your expertise. When looking to buy an existing business, it is necessary to research its history and finances to make an informed decision. A qualified business lawyer will help you gather this information if any is required.

When you work with our team of legal experts to buy a business, they will be your dedicated counsel. Business law attorneys will be drafting all the contracts and documentation required for the purchase. Business law Michigan is a complex subject to address on your own.

Selling your business location

There are many tasks involved in selling a business. In order to streamline the process, you will need legal counsel. All of these challenges can be handled by our business law attorneys:

  • One of the most highly valuable services offered by an experienced attorney is negotiating a sale agreement with prospective buyers. 
  • A professional business lawyer help assess the fair value of your company’s shares or assets.
  • The drafting of agreements that define specific obligations can help a company avoid risk in the future.

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The next time you’re looking for a law firm that can help with your small business-related matters, look no further. Business litigation requires an experienced corporate law attorney. We handle all aspects of the law related to businesses, from forming an LLC or corporation and helping with contracts and employment issues.

Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in helping small business owners. We know what it takes to get things done right the first time around. Business owners won’t be disappointed if you choose our firm as your legal counsel because we offer competitive rates, top-quality service, flexible hours, and convenient scheduling. Call today for a free consultation with a business law attorney.