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Expungement Lawyers in Monroe, Michigan and Downriver Detroit Can Set Aside Your Criminal Record

At Bruce Law Firm, you can talk to a top expungement lawyer in Michigan. Recent changes to Michigan expungement laws went into effect on April 11, 2021. The new laws allow a client to have up to three felony offences and an unlimited number of misdemeanor offenses expunged or removed from your public record. 

These new laws have resulted in an increased number of convicted individuals becoming eligible for expungement of their criminal record. The new expungement laws also provide a petition process for felony expungement. In 2023 there will be automatic expungement of certain convictions. Expungements in Michigan became a lot easier to get with the new Clean Slate Laws. Contact Michigan criminal lawyers to discuss your options.

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Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help You Apply for Expungement

With the help of Michigan expungement lawyers, a client can expunge an unlimited number of misdemeanor offenses and up to three felony offenses. Several traffic offenses are also now available to be set aside. The new Michigan criminal record expungement laws are very complicated. 

Bruce Law Firm has provided legal services to people who need help expunging their criminal records for over 20 years. Our expungement lawyers in Michigan have experience helping people get their records cleared. We can get your criminal convictions expunged. Call our criminal defense attorneys for a free consultation to review your case better.

Expungement is the legal process of removing a criminal conviction from your criminal record 

The Michigan expungement process is the legal process for removing criminal convictions from your record. If you have been convicted of a crime and are looking for employment and want to answer that question about your past with confidence, then having expunged records may help. Expungement is the only way to prevent criminal convictions from being disclosed on background checks.

A Criminal Defense Attorney will Represent You to get your felony, or misdemeanor Offense removed

Our defense attorney will work with you and your case to get your felony or misdemeanor conviction removed from your record to not show up on background checks and applications. If you are looking for a lawyer in Michigan to assist you in setting aside a conviction, call today for a free consultation to review your case.

Automatic Set Aside of Prior Convictions starting in 2023

Starting in 2023, Michigan will have automatic set asides of prior convictions. If you want to avail yourself of the new clean slate legislation, you will need to file an application to set aside your conviction. The automatic set aside provisions remove the need to go to file a case and go to court. 

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Under Michigan Clean Slate Laws How Many felonies Offenses May Be Set Aside

You may also have up to three felonies set aside during your lifetime. If you have more than three felony convictions, you may not be eligible to set aside any convictions. However, there are some cases where multiple felonies can be counted as one. Having multiple felonies count as one falls under the “one bad night rule” section of the new laws.

The One Bad Night Rule- Counting Multiple Felony Criminal Record Convictions as One Offense

The multiple convictions could be counted as one conviction if they were committed within 24 hours. These multiple convictions may not involve an assaultive crime. It cannot be a crime punishable by a maximum sentence of ten or more years in prison, or the convictions may not involve using a dangerous weapon. These are the requirements of the “one bad night rule”.

If an individual has multiple felony convictions that qualify for the “one bad night rule,” he or she can only have one felony conviction for purposes of the new law.

You cannot expunge or set aside two criminal record convictions for assaultive type crimes

You cannot set aside more than two convictions for assaultive crimes. Assaultive crimes are a subset of crimes that involve injuring someone else in some way. Assaultive crimes can include many violent type offences.

A violation of a law in another state similar to an assaultive offence in Michigan is treated as the Michigan equivalent. Talk to a Michigan Expungement Attorney to see if you qualify.

One will not have more than one felony conviction for the same offence set aside in the punishment for the felony can include ten years or more.

Collectively, you may only have one felony conviction for the same offence set aside if a possible punishment for that offence is more than ten years in prison. You do not need to have been sentenced to 10 years to expunge your criminal record. It’s only a felony if the sentence has a potential range of 10 or more years in prison.

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How Many Michigan Misdemeanor Offenses and Traffic Offenses Can Be Set Aside

The new law allows for unlimited expungement of misdemeanor offenses. The new laws also include additional traffic offenses that now qualify. Some serious misdemeanors cannot be expunged. The most notable one is operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Serious Misdemeanors v Regular Misdemeanors

The laws break down misdemeanors into regular and serious misdemeanors. The difference in classification deals with the waiting period one must wait to expunge misdemeanor offenses. A serious misdemeanor requires an additional two years.

New Waiting Periods and when they start are based on you criminal record

You can only file your application in a Michigan expungement to set aside most convictions after a waiting period. The waiting period before you can file your application to set aside most convictions starts with whichever of the following happen last:

  • Your conviction and/or sentencing date
  • The date your probation ended
  • The date your were discharged from parole
  • Your release date from prison

What Are the Michigan Expungement Waiting Periods for Different Convictions

You can expect to wait a period of time in Michigan after the date your order is entered for expungement, depending on the type of conviction and how many convictions you have. 

Expungement attorneys can review your criminal record to determine when an application to set aside can be filed. They will use the following information.

  • One felony entails a waiting period of five years
  • Multiple felonies entail a waiting period of seven years
  • One or more serious misdemeanors entails a five-year waiting period
  • Non-serious misdemeanors entail a three-year waiting period

Our Michigan Expungement Attorneys Have Helped Clients Clear Their Criminal Records

We have helped our clients clear their records and find new jobs, housing, and educational opportunities. We know the process and can walk you through it step-by-step to ensure that your case is successful. We can have your conviction set aside.

Record Expungements and the Benefits of the Michigan Clean Slate Act

To expunge a record is to remove a criminal conviction from an individual’s permanent criminal history. Once an arrest record is expunged, the person can honestly say they have never been convicted of a crime. A record expungement has many benefits. 

The following are many reasons why expungement is beneficial:

Job Searches. If you have a criminal record in Michigan, employers will likely be hesitant to hire you. Employers will run a background check and ask if applicants are convicted of crimes before hiring them so they can avoid the risk of employees committing crimes in their workplace. 

However, by getting your conviction expunged through an attorney, you may legally answer “no” when asked about whether or not you have been convicted for a crime. Think how easier it will be to apply for a job without convictions for crimes such as white collar crimes, retail fraud, various sex crimes and criminal sexual conduct offenses, drug crimes, property crimes or resisting arrest. This makes it easier to find employment! Call an expungement lawyer in Michigan.

Housing Applications. To find a place to live, it is necessary to know that landlords may conduct a background check on you. You could end up paying more in rent or deposit if the landlord learns about your criminal record. Clearing up your criminal record can help you find better housing.

Credit Applications. There’s no need to be worried about your criminal history getting in the way of you borrowing money. In some cases, lenders in Michigan will charge high-interest rates or deny application altogether because they believe those with criminal records cannot make payments back.

Lastly, knowing that you don’t have to worry about your prior case and criminal record following you everywhere and ruining what should be a normal life. You can finally live the kind of life other people take for granted. 

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If you are looking for an Expungement Lawyer in Michigan, We Can Help! 

If you are looking for an expungement lawyer in Michigan, we can provide assistance to determine if you are eligible for expungement. We are often contacted by people who have a past criminal conviction and are looking to expunge their records.

Our expungement attorneys offer a free consultation to review your case for those seeking an expungement. Not everyone can apply and the courts will deny your request if you are not eligible. We can review your criminal record and determine your eligibility.

Bruce Law Firm has been helping clients successfully pursue a Michigan expungement throughout Monroe County, Wayne County, and Southeast Michigan. Our legal team helps persons ensure their eligibility for setting aside convictions. We represent you in court and ensure your success. Get the answers you need.