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A Monroe, Michigan dui lawyer at the Bruce Law Firm has years of experience representing clients facing criminal DUI charges. In Michigan a DUI charge is known as an owi charge, as well. A dui or OWI conviction may have a negative effect on your life, leading to possible jail time and fines not just for the offense but also for higher insurance rates and an ignition interlock device rental fee that could cost up to $1,000 or more.

For this reason, it’s in their best interest as well as yours if you contact a DUI or OWI attorney in Michigan without delay following a DUI arrest. You do not want an OWI on your criminal record. Experienced Michigan criminal lawyers in Monroe, MI and Downriver Detroit can help. 

A Monroe criminal defense attorney at Bruce Law Firm understands how serious these matters are, so they’re here 24/7 should there be any questions. The consequences of operating while intoxicated (OWI) are severe and include jail time, fines, loss, or livelihoods. If you have been charged with a DUI/OWI in Michigan, contact an experienced owi lawyer at Bruce Law Firm who cares about your future.

Michigan DUI law dictates that individuals are over their legal limit and guilty of operating while intoxicated when they have a blood alcohol content at or above .08. A Michigan DUI conviction will significantly affect your reputation, family life, and career choices. If you’ve been arrested on an OWI case, contact the experienced Michigan traffic lawyers from Bruce Law Firm immediately.

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Why choose the Best DUI Lawyer in Michigan at the Bruce Law Firm, a Criminal Law Firm?

An OWI charge is severe and could result in you losing your driver’s license. Losing your driver’s license will make it difficult to complete tasks such as commuting or traveling for work.

Furthermore, a dui arrest can cause a blemish on one’s life record, affecting future opportunities because the stakes are so high when dealing with these charges. DUI related offenses are not eligible for expungement, so it is important to make the right decisions.

Contact a dui defense attorney if you have been arrested for an alleged offense involving driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). You need a strong owi defense. A Michigan DUI lawyer can provide the owi defense you need.

Understanding Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or OWI Law in Michigan

Regardless of the particular conditions, receiving a drunk driving charge in Michigan is a severe criminal offense. The penalties you will have to deal with if you’re arrested for suspicion of a DUI could be severe.

Penalties in your case will depend upon many variables. Some of these include: 

-The severity and nature of the offense committed (i.e., DUI, reckless driving)

-Whether you are a repeat offender or have had previous convictions in an unrelated crime.

The best way to protect yourself after a drunk driving offense is by speaking with an experienced lawyer. Do not face a criminal charge alone. To consult legal counsel on recovering from your charge, please call our office for your free consultation today to discuss your drunk driving case!

Our Michigan DUI Lawyer represent clients who face a wide array of OWI-related charges, including:

Driving while visibly impaired

Operating While Visibly Impaired is a drinking and driving offense. An OWVI is a 93 day misdemeanor. It’s punishable with up to 180 days of restrictions on your ability to drive, up to $400 in fines, 4 points on your license, which could lead you into more trouble if not taken care of right away.

Transportation of alcohol in an open container

For drivers who are transporting alcohol in an open container, you must be aware of the consequences. This will result in a 90-day misdemeanor which is punishable with 2 points and a $100 fine.

Leaving the scene of a vehicular accident

Stopping at an accident scene is more than just a traffic violation. It’s also against the law to leave without giving your information and help if you’re able, which can lead to fines and even jail time for repeat offenses.

It might be tempting to keep driving after seeing someone in need of assistance on the side of the road or being involved in a car crash that didn’t cause any injuries. Doing so could have serious consequences.

These consequences include facing felony charges when there has been personal injury as well as hefty monetary penalties ranging from $100-$1000 plus six points added onto one’s driver license depending on whether they are convicted within 90 days following their offense (a misdemeanor) or not within 90 days following conviction (an offender).

Driving using a suspended license

Driving while your license is suspended. If you’re caught, it’s punishable by up to 93 days in jail and $500 fines for each offense.

What do you do after you are charged with a Michigan alcohol-related charge

If you have been accused of a crime, it’s essential to speak with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Find a lawyer immediately after getting pulled over for drunk driving. Once charged, call our criminal defense firm and make an appointment with them to discuss your case’s specifics.

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In Michigan, what qualifies as drunk driving?

When you are arrested by law enforcement for a Michigan DUI, the consequences of your actions can be devastating. Before you fight those charges, it is essential to educate yourself on Michigan’s drunk driving laws.

There are two ways that Michigan defines intoxication when it comes to driving. One is having a breath test and blood alcohol content of 0.08 or greater. The other is if you’re driving a motor vehicle under the influence of any intoxicant like alcohol, legal prescription medication, illegal substances, or controlled substances such as certain drugs in pill form.


Prosecutors are using the law to charge people for committing crimes related to drugs more broadly than in other circumstances. Even though it may seem that both of these ways sound similar, lawmakers wrote the legislation to cover a variety of substances; whether you have consumed enough medication at prescribed times or used illicit drugs outside of your prescription, you can go to jail.

Talk to an experienced DUI defense lawyer who can review your case’s particulars and assist you in making the correct next move forward

Consequences of a First Offense Michigan DUI Conviction are very severe.  Our lawyers have provided many people in Monroe with legal counsel. We prioritize protecting our customers’ rights and interests, so if you are faced with severe impacts, call us now.

Here are some of the penalties for a first offense DUI in Michigan:

  • The length of your jail sentence depends on the severity of your crime. If you’re convicted, it could be anywhere up to 93 days in jail. 
  • A $100-$500 fine is standard depending on a first offense DUI case.
  • Court costs are decided on by the judge depending on what is being charged. For example, if you were being accused of driving under the influence, your court cost would be higher or lower depending on the case’s facts.
  • The law requires a person to perform at least 360 hours of community service.
  • After a conviction for driving under the influence, your license will be suspended for 30 days. Following these 30 days, you may be able to receive a restricted license.
  • The probation department will require regular drug and alcohol screenings and assessments.
  • Possible interlock device depending on the BAC level at the time of the arrest.
  • The Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Test is a test used to determine if someone has an alcohol or drug dependency. A trained adviser performs the assessment, and depending upon the results; it could bring about additional educational or counseling programs.

DUI defenses are essential because criminal penalties, such as fines, driver’s license suspension, and imprisonment for a DUI offense, increase with each subsequent conviction.

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Defenses for a Michigan DUI Conviction

Our DUI lawyer will work tirelessly to build a solid case on your behalf. With our help, you could be able to get the charges against you reduced or even dropped entirely.

If you or a loved one recently got in trouble with the law, a DUI attorney can help. We have years of experience and know-how to build a legal defense that will work for your specific case, whether it’s DUI charges or another related charge.

The police and the courts are not on your side when it comes to a drunk driving charge. The officer’s observations of slurred speech or bloodshot eyes might have an alternative explanation. These are subjective determinations by law enforcement.


Our team of Michigan dui attorneys will stand up for your rights in court by reminding the authorities that these observations do not form sufficient evidence to warrant an arrest. Additionally, a dui attorney can even argue that the officer did not have probable cause to pull you over in the first place.

You deserve a professional to represent you in court. A criminal case can be a scary experience. Contact our Michigan dui attorneys, and we’ll help protect your rights!

Faulty Breathalyzer Reading Defense

The breathalyzer is an instrument that measures blood alcohol content, and it should be used if someone needs to know the level of their intoxication. With this machine, you can use a number system or estimate how long before they reach legal levels using factors like weight, height, gender.

Many people do not realize just how important these devices are in our society today until there’s one on trial for drunk driving charges (or other such offenses). Many courts will believe what is read from the data collected off of this device because many times it has been shown as accurate when testing individuals who have been accused of crimes related to drinking too much while operating machinery, which could endanger lives; however, we must remember that each person may react differently under a certain amount.

Our Michigan DUI lawyers have the training and experience to excel in these types of cases. We can help you fight breathalyzers that often inaccurately record BAC levels with our extensive knowledge of how they work. 

Some common problems related to breathalyzer tests include the following:

  • The breathalyzer device didn’t work correctly because it was not calibrated.
  • The arresting officer administered the breathalyzer test improperly. Accordingly, it was not a reliable or valid means to determine whether or not you were intoxicated.
  • The breathalyzer test was conducted with a device that uses alcohol-sensing chemical compounds. However, it turns out that other chemicals were present that skewed the results of the test.
  • The analysis results were not reliable because the machine was damaged before the testing.

It is also crucial that you remember a gap between the time of arrest and when your blood alcohol concentration test was administered.

It takes time for alcohol to enter your bloodstream through the digestive tract, so even if you were arrested after drinking, it might be challenging to prove that your BAC level was over the legal limit at the time of the arrest.

An Operating While Intoxicated conviction can have detrimental effects on your personal and professional standing, as well as in the area. 

A drunk driving attorney will be able to dispute breathalyzer results while advising you about any way possible of moving forward with a case. With the proper representation, charges could be dropped entirely from an OWI charge for innocent people or not guilty.

What to Do if You Are Pulled Over for a Suspected DUI

If you’re pulled over for an Operating While Intoxicated case in Monroe, Michigan, or Downriver Detroit, your actions are significant and may significantly influence the situation.

Operating While Intoxicated is a serious crime that warrants attention. How you act when pulled over may affect your case’s outcome, so don’t underestimate how important it is to be mindful and respectful while talking with officers on site.

Follow these steps if you are ever pulled over for a drunk driving offense:

  • Please pull into a safe location. Pull your vehicle into an area away from heavy traffic. When you see the flashing lights in your rearview mirror, make sure to turn on your blinker. It is essential that the officer know you have seen them. Continue driving until there is a safe place for you to pull over and stop.
  • You should set both of your hands on the steering wheel. As the officer approaches your vehicle, place your hands on top of the steering wheel in a clear and visible fashion. This will make it clear to them that you are not an immediate threat which can lessen their hesitation before approaching or interacting with you.
  • Tell the Police Officer Everything You Are Doing. As a driver, you should always comply with police officers’ requests. The best thing to do is pull over and wait for the officer to speak with you.
  • Decline Field Sobriety Tests. When you are pulled over by the police for suspicion of drunk driving, there are certain tests that they will ask you to do. These are called “field sobriety tests”. You should refuse to participate in these field sobriety tests.

Know Your Legal Rights When Dealing with a Michigan OWI Charge

You have the right to remain silent, or everything you say can be used against you in court. Make sure that when exercising your rights as an individual who has been arrested and interrogated by police officers, that you do not speak without first acquiring legal representation from a licensed attorney because Miranda Rights are only helpful if they are exercised properly.

Once you’ve been Released, record what you understand

If you have been charged with drunk driving, make sure to tell your lawyer everything that happened when it’s still fresh in your mind. This will help them represent you and get the best outcome possible for what occurred.

Contact a Michigan criminal defense attorney as soon as possible

If you are in a position to call an attorney from the police station, definitely do so. Otherwise, contact your lawyer as soon as possible upon release. OWI charges come with limited time frames for even being able to make any phone calls; procrastination is not recommended! 

Let our Michigan DUI legal counsel take on your case and ensure that all of your rights are protected by law while minimizing the impact of a DUI charge or securing a dismissal altogether.

Monroe Michigan DUI lawyers

Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers Specializing in DUI Law

You want a drunk driving attorney that has the experience to get your privileges restored. Our DUI attorneys can assist you through all of this because we are also a criminal defense firm with years of expertise in drunk driving law.

How to Restore Your Driver’s License After a DUI Conviction

A license restoration will be top of mind for most people after any type of drunk driving conviction. You need to drive for work, school, and medical visits, but the Secretary of State is in charge if you have a misdemeanor or felony DUI conviction. Have a Michigan DUI lawyer guide you through the process of keeping your driver’s license.

We can help with this issue too! Our team can get your driver’s license back so that you don’t lose everything because of one mistake. 

This can be automatic, and it can require either a Secretary of State hearing or a hearing in the Circuit Court. Our team can get your license back.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, and need an experienced Michigan DUI lawyer to defend your case, contact us today.

Our drunk driving attorneys know how important a good defense is to your situation. The drunk driving defense attorneys in Michigan at our firm will carefully review all the evidence to build a successful defense on your behalf.

We’ll investigate and challenge any questionable information pertaining to your case, which can lead to legally sound DUI defenses. A dedicated DUI lawyer is able to point out some flaws in the prosecutor’s case. It is imperative that you create an attorney client relationship to protect your rights. Contact a Michigan DUI Lawyer today for a free consultation.