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Monroe County Michigan Probate Court

The Monroe County Michigan Probate Court is a court where cases involving the estates of deceased persons, guardianship, conservatorship, and trusts are heard. These probate courts may also hear adoption cases. The Monroe County Probate Court has jurisdiction over all proceedings in the county related to wills, estates, and trusts.

What does the Monroe County Michigan Probate Court do?

The Monroe County Court in Michigan is where cases involving the estates of deceased persons, guardianships and trusts are heard. The Monroe County Probate Court has jurisdiction over all proceedings in Monroe County Michigan related to wills, estates and trusts. The probate court also has exclusive original jurisdiction over adoptions. A Probate attorney in Monroe, Michigan can help you with your probate proceeding.

Administration of trusts and estates

Probate courts have the power to administer anything from wills to trust property distribution. When someone dies without a will, their estate goes under probate in court where they may appoint a family member or other interested person as personal representative for legal matters involving the decedent’s estate. If contested by others, it can be determined how any disputed items are distributed among beneficiaries according to what’s written on the last valid will – if there is one at all!

Appointment of Guardians and Conservators

The court system can appoint you a guardian or conservator for your loved ones if they are incapacitated and need someone to make decisions on their behalf. Guardians have more power over the person’s personal life, while conservators control what happens with property and money.

Cases dealing with the Mental Health Code

Probate Court is also where you’ll find cases pertaining to the mental health code. It deals with commitment for hospital care of people alleged to have a mental illness and guardianship proceedings for developmentally disabled individuals.

What is probate? 

Probate is a legal process that provides for the administration of a decedent’s estate. The term probate often refers to the court procedure by which an executor, administrator or personal representative is appointed and authorized to distribute assets from a deceased person’s will, trust deed or other testamentary documents.

Monroe County Probate Court Judges

Monroe County Michigan Probate Court has two Probate Judges.  The Judges hear cases in Monroe County Probate Court. The Chief Judge of Probate Court is Cheryl E. Lohmeyer and Judge of Probate Frank L. Arnold.

Their docket information is available online. The Monroe probate court docket can be found by clicking this link.

Where is the Monroe County Michigan Probate Court

The Monroe County Probate Court is located  at the county courthouse at 106 East First Street, Monroe, Michigan 48161 in historic downtown Monroe. It is located in the same building as the other courts.

Contact information for the Monroe Probate Court

The phone number to reach the probate court is 734 240 7346.

monroe county probate court

How do you open a probate case?

The probate court case of a deceased estate is opened if the person has property or assets in their own name with no joint owner or beneficiary designation. A personal representative will be appointed by court to handle the administration of any and all aspects related to this process.

If you are petitioning for an individual who passed away outside Michigan but had property within its borders at time of death, one may file an estate in whichever county that decedents’ properties were located.

A personal representative is formally appointed by the Probate Court after an interested person files a petition in the court. If all the waivers and consents from all interested parties are attached, there will not be a hearing.  A personal representative will be appointed by the Probate Register. If not, the Probate Court will have a hearing in front of a probate judge and the Court will appoint the personal representative.

Probate Court Forms

There are a number of probate forms that must be filed with the Monroe County Probate Court.  The Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Office provides the official forms of the Michigan Probate Courts. These forms can be found on the SCAO website by clicking this link.

Monroe County Probate Lawyers

Probate lawyers in Monroe County Michigan are knowledgeable about the probate process and can help you with all your needs.  Get the legal advice you need to help you with your matters before the Monroe County Michigan Probate Court.

The Bruce Law Firm has experience representing clients in estate litigation, trust administration and asset protection matters in Monroe County Probate Court cases. We also provide probate law  services  in Wayne County and throughout southeastern Michigan. We provide our clients with effective legal representation from start to finish. Call today for a free consultation.