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AN EXPERIENCED MONROE REAL ESTATE LAW FIRM can assist you with your real estate needs. 

Bruce Law can provide a full range of real estate solutions. We routinely deal with both commercial and residential real estate transactions. We assist owners, investors, buyers, builders and contractors with all their real estate needs.


Bruce Law is very experienced in the buying and selling of residential real estate. We help For Sale By Owners also known as FSBOs through out the sale process.  We can assist with drafting the purchase agreement, securing the title insurance policy and facilitating the real estate closing.  We can assist buyers or sellers at any point of home buying or selling process.  It is important to have a knowledgeable real estate attorney on your side with what is often the largest purchase a person will make. There are often issues that arise with title work or financing that a trained real estate attorney can advise and assist you through.

Land Contracts are often an effective means to buy or sell a piece of property where traditional financing is not possible.  A land contract agreement is a written agreement between a seller and buyer where the seller finances the initial purchase of the property.  It is important to have a trained and experienced real estate attorney draw up a valid land contract.  A real estate lawyer can also be useful if the land contract goes bad.  A land contract foreclosure is necessary when the buyer fails to make the necessary payments or meet the terms of the land contract. Bruce Law is experienced in all these matters.


Bruce Law is experienced in the landlord tenant field.  We can assist you in enforcing your rights under the law. In Michigan a property owner has the right to gain possession of his or her property through the Michigan eviction process. This can be a time consuming procedure and you want to make sure it is handled by a real estate attorney to make sure the eviction is done right the first time. 

As a renter you want to make sure rights are also protected.  If you have a lease you want to make sure rights are represented. Often a landlord will proceed with an illegal eviction.  You want to make sure your procedural rights are adhered to. Often an agreement can be made that allows you to remain in your home.

Bruce Law Firm handles cases including, but not limited to:
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Zoning and Land Use
  • Sales
  • Foreclosures
  • Leases Financing Assistance
  • Landlord Tenant Matters
  • New Construction Issues
  • IRC Section 1031 Exchanges
  • Contract Disputes Liens