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An unfair Spousal Maintenance agreement isn’t fair to anyone.

Don’t let yourself fall victim of a lopsided judgement. Let our expert attorneys help structure a maintenance agreement that works for both parties.
A maintenance agreement that is unbalanced causes resentment and hostility between the parties involved, and if there are children involved these feelings can spill over effecting your entire family.

An unfair spousal agreement is unfair to everyone. Don’t let yourself fall victim to a lopsided spousal support agreement. Let the Bruce Law Firm structure a maintenance agreement that works for both parties.

A spousal support award that is unbalanced can create resentment and animosity between the parties. In Michigan spousal support or alimony is designed to allow a party to maintain the lifestyle they enjoyed while they were married for at least a temporary basis. Bruce Law can assist you in getting the spousal support you deserve.

The Court in Michigan will look at many factors when determining if spousal support is justified. In particular it will look at the length of the marriage, the age of the parties, the relative earning capacity of the parties, the assets and debts each party is set to receive from the divorce, and the relative education levels of the parties. You need an attorney who is familiar with the factors that go into a spousal support award.

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