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Alimony in Michigan can be a very complicated topic. An unfair Alimony or Spousal Support agreement isn’t fair to anyone. It is essential to know how alimony and spousal support in Michigan work.

Let our expert alimony attorneys help structure a spousal support agreement that works for both parties. Bruce Law Firm has family law and divorce lawyers in Monroe, Michigan to assist you today.

Alimony in Michigan

Spousal Support Michigan

Alimony is referred to as spousal support in Michigan. It is awarded as part of a Michigan divorce case. There are two types of spousal support that affect the spousal support award’s ability to change after it is entered. It can be modifiable spousal support or non-modifiable spousal support.

What is the difference between modifiable spousal support and non-modifiable spousal support?

As the names would indicate, alimony or spousal support is modifiable if a party can come back later and attempt to change the uniform spousal support order. The duration can be increased or decreased or eliminated all together based on a change or circumstance. A change in circumstance can involve a change in income, health, marital status, or any change that affects the parties and the spousal support order. Alimony in Michigan is determined on a case by case basis.

Alimony Lawyers can help you put Michigan Alimony Laws to work with you


Michigan Alimony Laws are governed by MCL 552.13, and the state in pertinent part:

“(1) In every action brought, either for a divorce or for a separation, the Court may require either party to pay alimony for the suitable maintenance of the adverse party, to pay such sums as shall be deemed proper and necessary to conserve any real or personal property owned by the parties or either of them, and to pay any sums necessary to enable the adverse party to carry on or defend the action, during its pendency. It may award costs against either party and award execution for the same, or it may direct such costs to be paid out of any property sequestered, or in the power of the Court, or in the hands of a receiver.”

MCL 552.13

Alimony is only awarded after as part of a divorce proceeding. Palimony is similar in that in some states it is awarded to unmarried couples. Alimony can be entered temporarily as the case is proceeding, and it can be awarded in the final judgement of divorce.

Spousal Support Michigan

Alimony in Michigan Calculator? There are eleven alimony factors to consider

Sadly there is no alimony in Michigan calculator that will calculate a support award. It is not based solely based on the length of the marriage. There are eleven factors that the Court will generally consider when it looks to make an alimony calculation in Michigan. 

The idea of alimony or spousal support is to help maintain the lower-income party’s standard of living who may not be unable to support themselves.

The Court will look at any child support award in addition to the marital property that is awarded to either party. It is essential to keep in mind that alimony payments directly affect any child support award you may be entitled.


The Court will look at the following eleven factors related to the husband and wife and determine support payments that make sense for the parties. The Court will weigh each of these eleven factors when determining alimony.

A skilled attorney in spousal support will present evidence about each of these factors. Bruce Law Firm provides legal advice throughout the divorce process, including separate maintenance and property division that are part of most Michigan family law cases.

Michigan Alimony Laws require the Courts will take evidence on the following eleven spousal support factors:

  1. What is the length of the marriage
  2. How old are the parties
  3. What has been the parties’ past relationship
  4. What is the party seeking support’s ability to work
  5. How much and what types of property will be awarded to the parties
  6. Is there an ability to pay spousal support
  7. What is the Parties’ health
  8. Parties’ present situation
  9. Is there a need for support
  10. Is one party more at fault for the divorce
  11. What was the prior living standards of the parties
  12. General principles of equity

These factors were enumerated in Berger v. Berger, 277 Mich App 700; 747 NW2d 336 (2008). Many of these factors are very subjective, and the Court will make a ruling based on the unique factors in each divorce case. Often the Court will look to the Friend of the Court to make a recommendation as to an appropriate spousal support amount. It would help if you had an attorney skilled with alimony in Michigan.

Skilled Michigan Spousal Support Attorneys in Monroe, Michigan and Downriver Detroit

Let the Bruce Law Firm structure a spousal support agreement that works for you. A spousal support award that is unbalanced can create resentment and animosity between the parties. In Michigan, spousal support or alimony is designed to allow a party to maintain the lifestyle they enjoyed while married for at least a temporary basis. Bruce Law Firm can assist you in getting the spousal support you deserve.