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What is a Michigan Impeding Traffic Ticket?

A Michigan Impeding traffic ticket means that a driver’s vehicle is obstructing the normal flow of traffic, such as blocking the road with your vehicle or driving your vehicle in a manner that interferes with the reasonable flow of traffic. This can involve driving too slow and below the posted speed limit. A Michigan Traffic Ticket Lawyer can help explain and resolve your vehicle citation.

What does impeding traffic mean under the law? The Michigan law dealing with impeding traffic tickets is MCL 257.676b and provides in pertinent part:

(1) Subject to subsection (2), a person, without authority, shall not block, obstruct, impede, or otherwise interfere with the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic upon a public street or highway in this state, by means of a barricade, object, or device, or with his or her person.”

Michigan Motor Vehicle Code section 257.676b

What are the penalties for an Impeding Traffic Ticket?

An Impeding traffic offense is a civil infraction, which means it is punishable by a fine. The judge decides the fine in whatever district court jurisdiction the offense took place. The fines and court costs usually run around $175.00.

It is important to note that an impeding traffic ticket cannot result in any jail time as a civil infraction.

How long does impeding traffic stay on your record in Michigan?

An impeding traffic citation is also treated as a nonmoving violation. This is important as it should not raise your car insurance rates. It will not result in any points being added to your DMV Michigan Master Driving Record as a nonmoving offense. 

It is important to remember that if a driver accumulates 12 points on their master driver’s record in Michigan, their driver’s license in the State of Michigan will be suspended. It is a good strategy to take moving violations such as a speeding ticket or careless driving ticket and plea to a no-point offense. This can include a misdemeanor traffic ticket, such as reckless driving. It is possible to move a traffic violation to a no-point offense, such as a parking ticket.

Does Impeding Traffic affect insurance?

No, there should be no effect on your insurance in Michigan. As was mentioned above Impeded Traffic is a nonmoving motor vehicle violation. It is a Zero-point offense and as such this ticket should have little to no effect on your insurance.

Can you fight an impeding traffic ticket in Michigan?

When you are pulled over and receive an impeding traffic ticket in Michigan you have two choices:

You can accept responsibility, and pay the fine within fourteen days. You can pay the fine at the Courthouse, by mail, or in many Courts online. The fines and costs will be around $175.00. It is important to pay a court fine within the timelines given or the Court could enter a default judgment against you. A default is a means you are guilty of the offense and your license could be suspended.

Plea not guilty and set the citation for a hearing

You can also plead not guilty, and fight the impeding traffic ticket. Fighting the ticket would involve asking for a formal hearing or an informal hearing in front of either a magistrate or a judge. This hearing takes place in the District Court that has jurisdiction over the geographic area where the alleged offense took place.

An impeding traffic ticket is a very subjective determination by the officer that issued the ticket. It is this determination that would be an issue at the formal hearing. It is at the formal hearing that you would also present evidence that you want considered by the Court. Often if you have a compelling explanation to present to the Court an Impeding Offense Ticket can be dismissed. As with any matter, it is always advisable to have an attorney when you have a court matter. There are Michigan Court rules and rules of criminal procedure that have to be followed. If you are not an attorney you will still be expected to follow the applicable court rules.

As you can see yes you can fight an impeding traffic offense. It is best to talk to an experienced traffic defense attorney before making that decision.

What are the defenses and exceptions to the impeding traffic ticket?

There are also exceptions to the statute about Impeding traffic that a skilled traffic lawyer can assist you with. The Michigan Code provides for exceptions, including police and firefighters, construction workers, pedestrians crossing the road without a crosswalk. If you are working for a charitable cause and certain steps are taken, you cannot be found liable for an impeding traffic offense.

Consult a Michigan Traffic Ticket Lawyer

You have a right to a hearing on a traffic ticket in Michigan. There are also many defenses to an impeding citation. You should consult with an experienced Michigan traffic ticket lawyer to review the facts around your case. A lawyer can help protect your driving record. 

At Bruce Law Firm, we have experienced traffic ticket attorneys that can help you determine if any of these exceptions can be applied to your case. You also want to make sure you consult with an attorney to protect your license to drive. Call today for a free consultation.